12 December 2012

With failure comes success

Today whilst on a horse ride around the block with my mum and sister, I saw the most incredible sunset (You're probably starting to realise that I believe every sunset is worthy of such praise).  The world was glowing and Ben (The horse below) was set in a halo of golden light that left me breathless. I made a note to myself to come back and take photos of him on a similar night in the near future but when I got home and looked at the sun falling quickly in the sky I knew that I couldn't let it slip by without trying to capture it...

I jumped off my horse, left her to my mother and took off down the road on my bike - hair flying, legs pumping and in genuine belief that I was seconds away from falling off and crashing my head into the gravel road. I missed the light that I was so eager to capture, but it was worth it all the same. I got these few good photos and I was able to lie on the warm, isolated road with my two neighbours and relax as the sun said its goodbyes. 

When a similar night comes along I will take the photographs I intended to capture, but for now enjoy the ones that came from my late, and almost failed first attempt. 

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