24 August 2014

Coming Home

This blog used to be my everything. I used to post weekly with beautiful photos and little stories of my small life, but since 2013 my education system has slowly killed my passion and my blog has become a distant memory of something I once loved.
I tried on a few occasions to rekindle my love but I felt lost and silly and so I didn't continue. With time, I began to hate the way I used to edit images because it wasn't 'proper' and I began to hate my writing because it was sweet nothings that I thought meant nothing and so I wrote nothing. 
My world changed and photography became something sour and only for money. I forgot how to love my camera, how to love pouring over silly photos I'd taken from the day before. I forgot what it felt like to photograph for a hobby and for love and not for the assignment or job I was doing. I think I still don't know how but I want to relearn. 
Fuelled by the passion of pouring over the blog that once made me pick up a camera and the warm weather that tells me spring is here, I am typing, blog design revamped, ready to start again.
Though I am not the same person I once was when I posted here - I am tainted by a view that society has taught me to seek money and the 'security' it brings, passionate about health and fitness and a vegan - there are still parts of me that remain and those parts want to shine again and I will let them on this blog. 
Stay tuned, I hope my motivation stays and continues to fuel me. For now here are some nothing photos. They are poorly edited, mishmash and don't amount to much but these are the photos I love to take and what made my blog what it used to be. 


16 March 2014

Byron Bay

About two months ago my sister and I went to Brisbane and Byron Bay as a part of the prize I won with Lorna Jane. Here are some of my happy snaps from Byron...

We spent two hours sitting listening to him sing

Strange pretty patterns made out of little balls of sand, courtesy of the crabs...