29 November 2012

Let the party begin

I made a promise to create a blog post today, so here it is! 

The past couple of weeks have been full of excitement, and despite my fears of starting life in a world without school, I have so far had nothing but non-stop fun.
My 18th birthday came, and even though I don't drink, I had the best birthday I think I could have possibly had! The day after, we left for schoolies - something which I have had many fears and doubts over throughout the past year but something which turned out to be even more fun than my 18th!
 I will detail both events in subsequent posts over the weekend, but for now, enjoy some happy snaps! 

The sunrise day 3 of schoolies - completely unedited image! 

18 year old me 

Two of my best friends 

Ballroom dancing anyone?

Gwen at heart

A total babe on schoolies 

Using shopping trollies to cart our belongings to our beach house

Reflections on the beach 

Again, completely unedited. Definitely a sunrise I will never forget...

Gosh I love birds!

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