17 December 2012


On Thursday night (after a few mishaps and delays) my two neighbours, my father and I all set off on a road trip to the Howqua, where my family owns a small fishing hut. 
It rained pretty much the whole time we were there but we still managed to have a great time, free from phone reception, television and 'proper' electricity. 

We played endless games of cards and darts and ate pancakes thick with nutella as well as food that I was almost sure would give us food poisoning. 

As you can see I was pretty excited to get my first ever bullseye!

Rob teaching Tanya how to fish...

The Howqua seems to be something that belongs more to my childhood than my present at the moment. It was strange going back to the house or river bend and seeing how these iconic landmarks of my memory seem to have shrunk.  

Diving into the icy waters

Dancing in front of the red wall we found whilst exploring

Spinning on the hills-hoist until we were sick

Being introduced to the block of land Rob has recently bought with it's incredible view

My father and grandfather.

There were diaries dating back to 1966 that we excitedly read through. Some even included entries that belonged to my parents from when they were dating which were incredibly exciting for me to read - much like the letter I found a few years ago that my father had written to my mother the day after he proposed. 

Whilst doing a crossword we needed the spelling for a paricular country. Tanya went to the bookshelves to see if she could find an atlas among the many ancident book treasures and sure enough she quickly found one. As you can see in the photo below, inside the cover was written: "To the stealer of this book: forget it, my name is on about every twentieth page. Better luck next time." And to our amusement it really did have 'David Mills, Form 2" written on almost every twentieth page! A very clever and hilarious tacic from my uncle! 

Some photos I took on the road trip home:

A sign in the cafe we stopped at for afternoon tea!

Evidence of the miserable rain that lingered all trip long... 

It was a short trip, hence the lack of range in my photos, but it was certainly worth it and was heaps of fun. Theres no doubt that we will be escaping back there soon - hopefully though, without the rain!

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