18 October 2013

The Howqua

A couple of weeks ago Rex and I took off to my family's fishing hut in the Howqua valley. No reception and no tv - bliss. The weather was warm and the river higher than I had seen it in years. 
At one point we all went on a walk beside the river and eventually had to cross it to get back home because we had ventured too far from the bridge to go back. The water was so cold that it felt as though it was burning my skin and the rocks of the riverbed painfully dug into the soles of my feet as I crossed. I was yelling as the water came up to my stomach to keep my mind of the cold and I had to hold tight to Gibson's arm to keep myself from being swept away in the current! 

These are a few happy snaps I took from our week away...

Dead foxes strung to a farm fence warding off other foxes. 
The smell was so unbelievably vile it made my stomach churn uncontrollably. 

Our kitchen 

We got to spend time with my aunt, uncle and three cousins who were staying in their hut a few houses down from ours which was heaps of fun....most of my photos are of them!

Dishes drying in the morning light.

Gorgeous Olivia (my cousin's neighbour)

Chucking the big stick into the 'monster river'!

Building a cubby house between some trees on their property out of the branches from the trees my uncle was clearing

Possums escaping our construction site

Room number 1

Rex and Bob having a secret boys one on one 

Bob - he's famous in London

The bbq smoke from our grand final lunch 

Collecting skipping rocks

Doing the washing (Their power blew a few days before and so they had lost running water)

"I love you Tilly"

Our big walk - We played scavenger hunting the whole way up


We also took a day trip to Mt Buller whilst we were there

 This is the view from the very top! Incredibly cold and windy!

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