03 February 2013


A few days ago my mother, sister, two neighbours, dogs and I all went for a day trip to Somers to soak up the last of our holidays. I took a disposable waterproof camera with me and even though the photos are terrible they still do the job... 

We played competitive miniature tennis with Dosh and her friend Meg whilst Phoebe and Tanya played with the frisbees   

For lunch we went to the general store and had milkshakes and grilled vegetable wraps and played cards. Halfway through her wrap my vegetarian sister discovered a rasher of bacon and the store gave her a free replacement as an apology

This photo definitely sums up the highlight of my day! After lunch we moved down the beach to the front of Dosh's beach house and right in front of us were 4 dolphins! We quickly raced into the water and swam out to them as fast as we could! At one point I was about 20 cms away from them desperately resisting the urge to reach out and touch them. We stayed with them for about 10 minutes before they moved on. It was without a doubt the best experience ever!

Sun baking and bombing off a raft that was anchored out at sea 

We had fish and chips on Dosh's balcony and went skinny dipping in the sunset before our drive home. 
It was without a doubt the best day I've had in ages...something which I hope to relive on Wednesday! 

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