20 February 2013

Fish Graveyard

A couple of weeks ago whilst exploring the dry riverbed near my house, my neighbour and I came across what we now call the 'fish graveyard'. 
We went down there with the intentions of having a picnic but when we realised that all the ponds had dried up we decided to use the opportunity to explore the places we previously never could get to.
Whilst following the river path we saw a tiny pool of water ahead of us and in the excitement of finally seeing water we picked up our pace to try and get to it faster. It was a few seconds after that, that we were hit with the most awful and gut wrenching smell. Vile and pungent, it stopped us in our tracks and sent me off dry reaching and ripping my shirt up over my face to try and stop the smell. We realised that were surrounded by thirty or so dead carp and eels, left to die as the water dried up. After we got used to the smell we studied them all, haunted by the eerie sense of death and doom that surrounded us. 
It wasn't until yesterday that the weather was bearable enough to go down and take some photos. Even though all the eels were gone and a lot of the fish too, I was able to take quite a few photos.    

This was a small one.

Where two fish once lay.

Fish scales.

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