08 April 2012

Depth Over Distance

As it is now tradition, this week's Lorne song is the following:

It helps in the understanding and depth of this post so please listen to it whilst reading. 

This week at Lorne was something I had been looking forward to for majority of the first term of year 12. Just like last time we were all there together, we were seeking an escape from 'reality'. In some ways, I was able to achieve this but at the same time things happened at Lorne which completely flipped my world upside down, things I will save you the detail of here. 
Because I've been hating school so much it was amazing to be able to take a week away from it and the people there and spend time relaxing with some of my best friends in the world and ignoring everything else in Melbourne.... but if I'm going to be honest, a week is not enough. 

We left on Tuesday, an hour and a bit later than planned which pretty much completely screwed up the day. We were expecting to arrive in Lorne around 2pm but instead, I drove the car up our drive at 6pm, a mere 4 hours later. Before arriving in Lorne we went to Bells beach to see the left overs from the competition during the day. The view was amazing and imagining the excitement from previous hours was even better. 

Liam and Rob walking the Bells Beach car park, bathed in a beautiful golden light from the afternoon

That night I stayed up with Liam until 5am, something I am never usually able to do. It was definitely a night I will never forget. 

Eating at our favourite place, Chopstix noodle bar with 'on the house' dim sims because we go there so often! Theres nothing like our satay skewers or spring rolls to look forward to in the weeks prior to Lorne. 

Picking up Seb and David from the bus stop, day 2 - nonstop smiles from here on

Buying supplies for our 'apartment' - cake mix, juice, chocolate, ice cream, apple pie and nachos - typical teenager's food 

Being complete twats in the supermarket

Seb thought this was toilet paper...?

Vic and I walking home from Foodworks (Seb, Liam and David in the car with my dad), 
a walk that would usually take 30mins took us over an hour because we were dancing so much and I was on a high of taking photos and talking to fishermen

My favourite beach in the world

Listening to our new 'Lorne song' on our fluffy rug - it is like meditation, definitely a de-stressor and the most peaceful thing in the world 

My second night at Lorne consisted of good music, relaxing, and cooking. For dinner we went to what we call 'the restaurant upstairs' where we were told one of my father's 'life lessons'. I found it so hard to hold myself back from laughing whilst he told us about how his current work situation applied to relationship and how we 'didn't have to go around calling him a legend, just because it took him 23 years to work this situation out'.  
I was tired from the beach that day but I stayed up with Seb and David until midnight, 'flying' by being lifted by Seb's feet and practicing very silly self-defence until the music faded out and our beds were calling. 


Eating and preparing food, something we did a lot of

Waiting for the apple pie

Picking up Lachie from the bus day 3. I'm not going to lie, I was a little apprehensive about Lachie coming up. I thought that maybe he'd make things awkward or ruin our delicate balance of our 'apartment' but things turned out quite the opposite. 
I found that Lachie was very easy to get on with and he made my best friend smile greater than I had seen her smile in a long time. 
Although I hated being third wheel after Liam, David and Seb left on the Friday I knew that seeing Vic so happy was worth it. 

Back at Chopstix noodle bar this time with a 10% discount 

Sharing a drink with my hubby 

Although there was only six of us, this is how many chopsticks we used 

My beautiful best friend, glowing with happiness

Seb reading me a story from The Lot

The sunrise day 4, up at 6am because my three boys were leaving 

Lorne in a morning light I don't usually see

Playing an intense game with the frisbee 

Swimming for more than 5 minutes, something I'm not usually able to do in Lorne 

The smoke cover from the back-burning behind Lorne that hung around all week


Liam being a superhuman


Looking out at a view that reminds one of how lucky we are, why we are here and just how perfect small moments can be 

Bells Beach 

All in all, Lorne was exactly what I needed, time away, time with best friends and family and time in a place which is full of beauty and fun. I will be forever grateful that I have these opportunities to go and theres no doubt I'll be there again next holidays with them all, having another soul cleansing session on our fluffy rug. 

(All unbranded photos are either taken by Vic, Seb, David, Liam or Lachie.)

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