02 April 2012

The beautiful wedding of Simon and Gracie Turner

As you can probably see, I had an action filled weekend at my uncle and aunt's farm in Alexandra for my cousin's wedding, the second one in 4 months! 
I was picked up from school by my mother, Phoebe and Tanya on Friday afternoon after spending two days in Lorne for a year 12 camp and from there we began the two hour drive out into the country. I fell asleep in the car on the way up and so didn't make an appearance at the family dinner that night, but instead spent half an hour running around in the dark and moist grass at Stonelea (the property/hotel type place where we were staying) with Phoebe and Tanya suddenly high on the excitement of the events to come.
On Saturday morning we dropped the two girls off in town for breakfast and my mother and I went to the farm to spend the morning helping with the final touches, making sure everything was perfect. 
I got ready early that afternoon as I was the 'boy's photographer' for my cousin (some of the photographs are pictured below) and had to be dropped at the cottage where they were staying in time to take some snaps of them getting ready and being driven off in the wedding 'car'. 
Whilst watching Gracie and Simon during the ceremony, their speeches and throughout the course of the wedding I was overwhelmed with how much they loved each other and the passion they shared, it was breath-taking and I came close to tears a number of times that evening - one time because of the pain of my shoes! 
I was so glad that I was able to witness all the love and joy of the weekend between all our family and friends and I'm so excited that our family has suddenly become that whole lot bigger! 
Those two days will be forever lodged in my memory, along with Fiona and Nick's wedding as one of the most exciting and happy weekends of my life. 

The view from our hotel room and where Tanya, Phoebe and I ran and around in the dark before bed on Friday night 

The new kitchen renovation

'The Dance Hall' where we partied all night! 

The spectacular marquee

Our Grandmother made it to the wedding in spirit

The beautiful seating arrangements

I don't think I could take enough photos of all the beautiful flowers placed around the farm!

The boys, and my cousin Simon getting ready 

The view from their lodge

Simon practicing his speech

The boys with the wedding 'car' - the mighty red firetruck!

Riding up top!

I rode front seat of the firetruck to the wedding! 
I also got to work the siren and lights - very exciting!

Simon seeing his first glimpse of Gracie making her way down the isle

My beautiful aunt, Andrea 

The bride in all her breath-taking beauty escorted by her father, Paul

My cousin-in-law Nicko, looking very smart!

The newly weds!

Phoebe and Tanya having fun with the firetruck

Fire-fighter Phi!

The 300 cupcakes for dessert!

The day after there was an organised brunch for all the guests who stayed the night in Alexandra after the wedding...

All the delicious food!

My new cousin-in-law Gracie and my cousin Fi 

Some of Gracie's family

(Taken by Alex Coury)

(Taken by Alex Coury)

Uncle Andrew!

The 'cluckiest' woman on the planet = me!

Beautiful Bella

Relaxing in the sun 

One of the best weekends ever

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ClaireAtcho said...

Fantastic photos, Liza! Absolutely gorgeous. Looked to be an amazing day. You are very very talented!
Claire (McIntosh!)