19 April 2011

Annabel's Modelling Portfolio

I took these photos for Annabel to take to her modelling agency - Scene. I was honoured that she chose me to take the photos and I'm really happy with the outcome. 

I love this photo because everything ties in together - Phoebe and Chloe standing to frame the photo, the repetition in the chairs and all the X's in the chairs and then following into Annabel's legs.

This photo reminds me of Africa.

I know some seriously beautiful people. 


Meg said...

These photos are absolutely stunning Liza!! Well done :) Meg x

Anonymous said...

the girl on the left looks pissed in the last photo

Liz said...

haha phoebe :P she does a little bit (to post above)

Liza said...

Yeah I asked them to think of something that made them angry so that they looked more powerful sitting there. The middle girl got it very right but I guess whatever Phoebe was thinking about made her very angry and nothing seems to anger Annabel :P

Liz said...

its a killer death stare though :P