17 July 2010

The silence was making me nervous. I could hear water dripping into nearby drains as the drizzling rain made shining droplets on my black anorak. The clicking of my ruby heels echoed out throughout the narrow alleyways as I made my way towards home. No one should be out at this hour in the morning, when neither the moon nor sun are brave enough to show I thought as I reflected back on the few hours of the party before. Was it worth it?

There was a loud screech as a red sports car made its way down the main street. The car slowed down as it passed me and three guys in oversized hoodies, obviously drunk, shouted out to me, but I ignored them. Something inside me knew that I should be tucked up in my warm bed safe and away from all this city danger. I tried to block out my fear.

Water gushed through the gutters beside me, dripped from the shining oak branches above me and made me feel damp and small, weak and insignificant. It was a dreary dark night. A man with a large brown coat passed me on the other side of the street. At least I’m not the only cold, lonely one out here I thought as I glanced over to him. He didn’t notice me, head down he powered on towards where I had just come from.

I continued down the street listening to the night, the nothingness. I turned to look behind me, nothing. I’m being paranoid I thought, you always get the feeling someone is watching you when you are in situations like this.

...How many times am I in situations like this?

I checked my phone. 3am.

I read over the text from Mark.

Please come baby, I want to see you. It’ll be a good party I promise, you need the chance to get out more. x

He didn’t offer to take me home. He took Larissa.

My house is only two blocks away. I began to recognise the street names. Again I checked behind me. This time I swore I could see something, someone, and I quickened my pace.
I clicked away at my phone, made it pretend to ring.

“Oh baby I thought you’d never call! I’ll be home in a few minutes... are the kids in bed?....ok, just wait out the front for me.”


That will throw whatever’s behind me.

Click. Click. Click.

My heels caught in a crack in the pavement and I went crashing towards the awaiting open arms of the rock hard concrete.

I felt the blood drain from my head. The sheet cover my face. My weight being lifted and carried away, my soul left to rot on the side walk.

I can just make out the brown coat, he laughs and asks me as we walk, was it worth it?

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