19 July 2010

I think you have your best thoughts at 2am. When no one else can disturb you. Its just you and the mug of hot chocolate wondering what to do because sleep just doesn't seem to want to join your party.
At first you sit there waiting to fall back asleep. 10 minutes becomes 30 and then sooner or later an hours past, your feet a cold and you realise your hungry.
The microwave beams out the alien light. Its 2am.
You decided to get out some paper, work out your life plan while you're at it.
Plan what you've got to do between now and the rest of your life.
Once thats done and your bed is that little bit warmer you decide to send a text...or 5. Just so that morning self can laugh at night self and later, normal day time self can laugh at both of you and then you resign to shock horror because you've just realised you have multiple personalities.
You're in bed. You've got no one else to text so you decide to think.
School makes you think of homework. Homework makes you think of becoming a rebel. That leads you to deciding how else you can be even more of a rebel. You begin to plan how tomorrow you will tackle taking over the world. After deciding where you will get your robot slaves from sleep finally decides to join your party because it really doesn't want you taking over the world just yet.


Anonymous said...

i like this :)
alex p

Liza said...

Meeeee tooo I'd forgotten about this one :P
Love you shmell :)