07 September 2013

Blood Ties

A weekend or two ago we went to my grandparents house for the afternoon where my extended family were all having a Father's Day lunch. I desperately needed photos for a school assignment so I decided to go and try to capture my little cousins at play. It was the first day of spring and the weather was incredible - warm, nostalgic and dreamy. 

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Dessert break - eating "biscuits" (meringues) 

Bob giggled as he held the chinese checkers board like a waiter. My grandfather was far from impressed as he lowered it, testing his arm's balance. 
"Drop it and you'll have to pick it all up!" Kingsley threatened. 
Bob is so unsure...wondering if our grandfather is enjoying the idea as much as he was...

Hugo running from his father.
 He had just taken two snickers bars from the car and as he rushed by me he offered me them to try and stay out of trouble! 


A wicked kick

Wipping Max with branches

Eventually the metal walls around the pool and the new spring warmth got the better of us and we found ourselves testing the water and threatening to push each other in...

With the third time Phoebe was held over the water like this their grip was let go and so the games began! We chased each other feverishly around the waters edge, grabbing and dragging each other over the bricks and into the icy water gasping.

Hugo had the right idea and ditched his clothes early

The photos ran out about here because I couldn't escape - I quickly had my camera taken off me and I was dropped into the pool in a cloud of giggling screams. It was unbelievably freezing but so much fun. It was an awesome start to spring and I definitely haven't stopped smiling since. 

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