23 August 2012

The Zoo

Yesterday, instead of going to school, my two neighbours, their cousin, Maddie and I decided to take a spontaneous day trip to the zoo. The sun was shining, we got to see all the animals, eat amazing food and I was able to ignore the stresses of year 12 and just have fun without feeling too guilty - it was without a doubt, the best day I've had in a long time and I'm certain that the amount happiness I felt yesterday will get me through my last 30ish days of school. 

The gang - waiting for our tram to the zoo

Some cute ducklings that were randomly in a pond beside the seal exhibit 

Tanya reached out and touched the Emu, giving both herself and it a HUGE fright - it was hilarious!

This giant tortoise is about 80 years old and it's keeper told us it will live for about another 120 years!

Whilst I was admiring this butterfly, to my surprise, another deep blue one landed on my head!

That night I lay under the stars in the barmy soon-to-be-Spring air after feeding the horses on an empty hay sack, tired and filled with such happiness that I felt like nothing could touch me. It was bliss. 

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