22 July 2012

A very happy, 'happy hour'

 I took these photos after spending the afternoon seriously doubting my skills as a young photographer. I noticed whilst confiding my concerns to a friend, that the sun was so incredibly golden and the air so still and crisp. Quickly, I went desperately begging to my little sister to take some photos. At first she said "No. Give me something to model and maybe, but I won't just sit in the sun and look at you". I wanted to cry and scream in frustration because the sun was fading so quickly and I couldn't put one idea together. Suddenly I looked down into the paddock my sister's horse, Freeze and the idea hit me. It took us only 5 minutes to get ready, and 10 to shoot. 
I hope you enjoy them as much as I do - My self doubt lifted a lot whilst editing these.


Anonymous said...

these are amazing Lize!

Chelsea Kilikidis said...

Amazing work as usual!! Miss you! x

Jesler M said...

oh god I love those pictures!
I saw you in Atlas magazine - hopefully I'll become that good

Liza Mills said...

Thank you so much everyone <3 It means the world to me