01 March 2012

What No Water?

Today around 6pm the water in our house went off. We didn't panic at all, just waited a bit for it to come back on. Eventually my mother rang the water company to see what the problem was and they told her that we would have to wait till 10pm to get water again. Thats when a little panic hit, a excitement and a whole lot of anger. 
Me, having an OCD, was a little scared about not being able to wash my hands and I immediately went to the car to get the baby wipes. 

We were told that we had to walk a few blocks to get some of the free water bottles they were handing out, so we decided to take the dogs for a walk, or rather, as they know it, a 'bitofa'. I took my camera to capture the excitement that started to build. We called Tanya and she came down to get water for her house and off we set. 
When we got there they told us, to our dismay that they had given out all the water but to come back in a bit when they had a hydrant set up so we could collect water in buckets. 
I spent the next hour or so working with mum to move water around the property from troughs to make sure the horses we fed and watered before we left. 
Mum let me ride in the boot of the car with the doors up and it was the best thing ever, sitting there watching my dirt road and the paddocks fly by. 
The water came on a lot sooner than expected which was good...it saved me having to have a stove boiled, bucket shower at least! 

Phoebe jumping Wiggins because he suddenly stopped

Toby jumping the river created by the water leak

Phoebe and Tanya going for a run 

A very fun afternoon. I felt like a child again filled with such unexplained excitement. 

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