02 February 2012

The most beautiful place on earth

Today I went for a horse ride around my block with my mum and sister. When we set off I was leaning over my saddle with the pain from my back causing me to think only of going home, back to the couch I was lying on an hour before. But as we continued on 'happy hour' descended on the world and wrapped the paddocks we rode past in a blanket of warm sunlight. I began to sit up and the pain lessened as I looked over the golden, rolling hills and the lakes with lilies covering them and my heart filled with an overwhelming passion that almost made me feel like I was going to burst with the love for all that was around me. I had read a few days before of Nirrimi feeling the same way and I wondered what exactly it felt like. It wasn't until today, whilst I took in my surroundings that I realised what the passion and love she talked about was like. 
When I got home I thought to myself that if I took photos of what I saw, the images wouldn't do my emotions justice, but I tried anyway. As the sun set I took these few photos. Hopefully you can see why I believe I live in the most beautiful place in the world. I am so, so lucky to be me.