07 February 2012

Art camp - Wilsons prom


dancing to Bob Marley


The incredible cloud cover

Mittas in the shallows

All the huge rocks made me think of volcanos

I could write a few easy paragraphs on this camp but I'm lost for time right now so maybe I'll post again over the weekend? 
In short, it was truly amazing. The things I saw in the two days were breathtaking and I'm sure everyone who went with me would agree. 
On the first day Grace and I had a scary encounter where a brown snake ran over, head high and hissing her shoes as we paused to take a photo and we ended up running back towards our cabins, hearts pounding and swearing with every breath. 
On the second day I spent the morning at the beach with Viv and Maddie (pictured above) and the afternoon on a two and a half hour walk to squeaky beach with three of the art teachers, Viv and myself. 
I was sad to leave, our time there was too short. 
Will post more soon xx

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