05 October 2011

Lorne in a nutshell

Big leaps across icy water

Best friends

Dress ups in $400 dresses

The locals 


Making daisy chains

"kissy kissy!"

Hot bums and new leggings

On Sunday Phoebe, Annabel, Chloe, India, Rob and I left for 4 days at our beach house in Lorne. We spent our time at the beach soaking up the small amount of sun there was to offer, walking to see waterfalls, making daisy chains, finding our way through every shop in Lorne and the rest of our time with the locals. We also went on the trampolines at night which was heaps of fun. 
It was full on the whole time and we never seemed to stop to take a breathe but I don't regret a second of it. 

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