07 July 2011

Lorne, a different view.

I'm sitting in the upstairs kitchen of my new beach house as I type this. Everything around me smells like fresh paint and newly sewn fabrics, unfamiliar and exciting. Although this house is so designer I feel scared thinking about living in a fragile house like this, its still exciting to show friends something as grandeur as a building like this.
The light that spilt into this room two days ago was so soft and beautiful that even the saddest moments would have seemed calming. My shutter kept snapping away until eventually someone questioned my never ending movements. The question made me feel uncomfortable and stop dead in my tracks, how can someone not understand the power of your camera and the incredible feeling of never having to stop. Because everything around me and the people around me were so beautiful I wanted to soak up the moment forever and then so suddenly I realised that I was alone in the feeling.

Yesterday the beach was like nothing I'd seen before. Lorne is so different in winter that I realised that even your most loved places can feel foreign to you at any one time. The waves were so big that I could picture myself being engulfed by one in seconds of walking out into the icy water - that is if the cold didn't get me first. They crashed up against the very edge of the sand so that all the beautiful rock pools didn't exist, along with the place to spread the love of sand castles and sand mermaids. I haven't even felt the gains of sand on my feet yet.

We walked out of the cinema last night into the wet street, water fell from the doorway around us, splashing up on the pavement. The streets were empty and we could see our breath in the crisp night. I have never seen a street so beautiful, dark and yet lit up by the glowing light from the windows behind us. We were the only ones who walked it and so, we could be as loud as we wanted. We we filled with the joy from the movie we had just seen and so, when Phoebe opened the door to a strangers car thinking it was our own, you can imagine our laughter when I said with shock of the car being unlocked "Phoebe! That's not our car!" Our sides hurt as we ran laughing across the road and then, driving all the way home.

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