14 March 2011

My Idea Of Beauty


I've been asked a few times by different people what I think beauty is so I decided to list some of the things I think are beautiful here. The link above is defiantly an example of beauty, or at least, what I think beauty is.

Things that I think are beautiful in my everyday life:
- The sounds of all the birds waking as the sun begins to rise every morning outside my room.
- Listening to music whilst lying on my floor with the wind blowing through my open door and the sun warming my whole room.
- Sitting on the bench in my garden, looking over all the plants in my garden.
- My animals.
- Walking over to Tanya and Daniella's house through the long dry grass in The Log Paddock.
- Watching my sister playing in the grass with the dogs.
- The excitement in the girls eyes as they plan their bike ride to school in the morning.
- Waking up in a sleeping bag beside a best friend with the beach only minutes away.
- The smell of a freshly baked cake with icing running down it's sides.
- Having the freedom to believe you can go anywhere you want to.
- Photography.
- Falling asleep with Angel beside my head.

Sometimes people look at my photography and think 'anyone could do that', some people have even said it to my face. The thing is, I think in some respect they're right. Anyone could do if if they felt passionately enough and dedicated their time to it, anyone can do anything if they really try.

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