09 January 2011


They looked like twins the whole holiday. The acted the same too. 

I didn't take this photo. My best friend did. I put it up because her one photo was better than my 4. I was jealous.

After dinner we drove to the pier. Phoebe called me pathetic for getting out to take a photo. She just didn't see how beautiful it was. 

I took this photo in our room. It has special powers. Every year it keeps us up talking and has someone cry in it. It also has a corner of the things in the room that we can't touch because they might be infested...like the bed sheets and pillows. 

That small mirror is the only one in the house. We had to stand on chairs to see what we looked like or to check how our sunburn was going. With four girls in the house you can understand it was chaos.

I fell in love with the colour.

Like I said, twins. 

There were peaches everywhere. I don't really eat fruit but this was too good to leave.


seanporter said...

nice dint in that ute :P

Liza said...

you're terrible! sif you notice that :P