02 December 2010

Lady in Bluebird Cafe

Dear lady who served me in the Bluebird Cafe today,
You amazed me the moment I walked in. I was holding onto to Shannon's studio door key with extreme force so that it didn't slip back into the jungle of other keys it lived with and you giggled at my awkwardness in asking for a 'decaf latte, half sugar'.
Obviously it was clear that I'd never experienced what I was doing before and you seemed to find that amusing. You had Twiggy short red hair and big grannie reading glasses that made your eyes look enormous! You were so petite looking in your black work clothes and thin too, your collar bones struck out like they were itchy to run away with each other on a secret love affair.
You called me 'Little Miss' and took me by surprise with your warming grin, buck teeth and all. Even when I made a complete fool of myself when I asked "are they lemon slices?" when there was a big sign telling me so, you were nice and ignored my burning bright red face when I realised what I had just done.
I remember wishing I had a camera with me, wishing that if I did, you would let me take a picture of you...which I have no doubt that you would.
I even forgive you for the milk you splashed up on my face those numerous times when you were pouring Shannon's latte.
Thank you for an brief encounter that I will never forget. Maybe I'll ponder on the memory of you so much that it will drive me to come back to the world I only first entered today and find you, just so I get the picture my heart desires so.

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