18 November 2010


“I’ll protect you” he said as she smelt the melting perfume of his muscle bound skin linger off his bare chest.
“Not from everything” she whispered. At that moment he pushed he outward from him by her shoulders to read the emotion that read so clearly across her perfect face.
“What makes you say that?” he said questioning the doubt in her answer.
“You can’t protect me from the dark, the night” she whispered back.
He pulled her into a tight loving bear hug and quickly replied “I can try.”
She then pulled away letting his loving grip go as she looked out folding her arms across her ribs holding onto herself tightly. The sun began to hit the edge of the earth and fear began to take hold.
“Don’t worry. I won’t let anything happen.” He said as he tried to reassure her but mainly of his love.
“Nothing can stop it….” She said shaking, the world beginning to spin around her, the magical hold beginning to take hold of her.
“Try and stay with me” His voice shivering holding her even more tightly, wind being taken from her small lungs.
“I can’t” were her last words before her body became limp, all signs of life completely drained from her as a ghost like soul flew off away from the sunset into the dark woods.
“EMMA!!” He screamed out in hope of her returning but it was too late and for the fourth night in a row he was left to look after the tiny body of the love of his life…

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