02 November 2010

Because thats what dreams are made of.

Our dream.
We'll buy an empty shop with an big old storage area out the back.
We'll borrow money with a broken promise to pay it back.
We'll renovate and turn the place into a bar with an arts studio out back.
It'll attract a crowd of arts students who can laugh the nights away.
People will paint with an ice cold beer beside them and life friendships will be made.
We'll be broke but with an ever lasting smile on our faces.
We'll sing along with the live bands and tell people they can 'pay us back later'.
We'll have vines hanging from the roof with the smell of jasmine instead of cigarettes.
I'll down a glass of champagne and hand back the ring.
We'll start art classes out in our studio to keep the place running.
I'll fill in as bartender with a 7 month belly and no one will care.
We'll listen to Meg play the piano during the days when the bar is closed but people turn up anyway.
I'll have a tattoo at the base of my hip to mark a life once lived.
It'll be a place where dreams are made and others completed.
Surrounded by friends, love and art.
Because that's what dreams are about.

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Anonymous said...

this is my dream :)
lovelove meg xox