07 August 2010

Monitor me.

I'm going to experiment for the next 20 days with keeping a food log. (Until I go to Europe.)
I've never really been the healthy eating type, ie I rarely eat fruit and my love for chocolate out balances everything else.
So I've decided to see what keeping a food log will do to me, if I start making sure that I'm eating the correct amounts from each food group,
5-11 serves of cereals
4 serves of veggies
3 serves of fruit
3 serves dairy (Yes I know all this off by heart.)
1 serve meat
1-3 serves other
I'm not going to be obsessive over this, making sure each serve is the right size. Because technically they call that an eating disorder.
I recently decided to look into become a dietitian and to do that I think eating properly is the place to start. Fruit, here I come.

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