04 July 2010

Love or alcohol?

Its weird how fear and change can take over our lives so easily. When everything seems just fine something will always come along and ruin things for you…or make them better.

We tend not to show our complete affection towards others for fear that they don’t love us the same way back. I guess it’s interesting how much truth can come from alcohol.

To be told that you are ‘the one’ by someone really shocks you…how can you be that girl (or guy)? That change in your life is what scares you, how is it going to affect the nice comfortable life you’ve set up for yourself? How are you going to adapt? Are you going to scream with joy or sit and worry on whether it’s the truth?

If you’re told through alcohol the rush of excitement can be scary, because what if, it’s just the drinks talking, not the person you really love?

You spend the rest of the night worrying about it. What if it’s not true? Will it ruin everything if I ask about it?

True love keeps you up at night. True love has you screaming in the hallway at 5am at your parents because they don’t understand how much you feel for someone.

I’m still questioning the last 24 hours…

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